8 oz Offshore Nekid Ball Jigz


Catch more fish with the Nekid Ball Jigz! Catch Grouper, Snapper, Dorado, Amberjack and many more. You’ll love the quick change components to target desired species as well as the glow hot colors great for late night or pre-dawn fishing. These lures create a unique wave pattern and 360-degree movement of hi Vis teaser and ball chain. You’ll also enjoy increased casting distances.


Set of 2

Nekid Ball Jigz is designed to catch many different inshore and offshore species.

  • Quick change components to target desired species
  • Glow-Hot Colors Great for Late Night or Pre-Dawn Fishing
  • Creates Unique Wave Pattern
  • 360 Degree Movement of Hi-Vis teaser and Ball Chain
  • Increased Casting Distances
  • Catches Grouper, Snapper, Dorado, Amberjack & Many More!

Choose your favorite color: Polar White, Hot Pink, or Chartreuse Yellow

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Tips for Use


  • When fishing NBJ over shallow grass flats, it is recommended to use a “Twitching” type retrieve, so that the lure moves just over the top of the grass. Work the lure in the middle to lower third of the water column on the edges of sand patches where the sea grass meets. If the Mackerel or Bluefish are biting, use a fast erratic retrieve to land these speedsters.
  • When fishing on the beach, try “Skipping” the lure about a foot off the bottom. This will create small puffs of sand that will attract fish from long distances.
  • When fishing piers or from a boat, NBJ can be fished vertically. Just bounce off the bottom to create puffs of sand and attract attention to the wave like tail movements. When working the lure, try more wrist and less forearm to impart the most action into NBJ. Also recommend using a loop knot to attach NBJ to fluorocarbon leader.


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