Crazy Bob Twitching Lure



This Baby Shad lure is half the size of our normal Twitching Lures because it has a higher power to weight/size ratio….it is Five times more powerful than our full-size Twitching Lures. It wasn’t enough for Bobby to simply invent the most innovative and unique artificial bait of the 21st century.  While our main Twitching Lures are our most versatile and widely used baits, he decided we needed to “…spice things up a bit!”

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We Don’t Call Him Crazy Bob for Nothing!

This lure will drive fish crazy.  As this bait was originally developed for freshwater applications, predator species like Bass or Northern Pike will not be able to resist it.  The lure looks like a bait fish gone bat-s**t crazy….hence the name of this artificial lure is the Crazy Bob!

(Rumor has it Crazy Bob is what our Founders nickname was on the ski circuit as well!)

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1 in
Crazy Bob Color

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Crazy Bob

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