Take the most effective, best-performing artificial bait currently in your tackle box today and you will find it is likely only half as effective as the Twitching Lure…and that’s on its best day! How can we make such a bold statement? That answer is simple really. Current technology for artificial fishing baits hasn’t really changed for hundreds of years. They all share the same basic concepts in their design. They are made to physically resemble the targeted prey. They may have a mechanical noise maker in them like a small ball that will rattle. They will either float on the surface or dive to the bottom…and they are all designed to catch fish only during the retrieve or initial presentation.

That means that most artificial baits are only designed to be effective once you begin to retrieve them back towards you. This also means that the user must be capable of skillfully “working” the lure during the retrieve.

This means that the person using traditional artificial bait must be properly trained in its use, practiced in the retrieve and versatile in modifying the retrieve based on the current field conditions you are fishing in.

What makes the Twitch Different?

The Twitching Lure is a (rechargeable) battery-powered artificial bait that is hydro-switch activated. This means that when it comes in contact with water, the unit will automatically activate. Depending on the Twitch model, it will vibrate, flash a bright light through its translucent body, discharge a small electrical current or emit a specific noise.

Some Twitching Lures will do all of the above and others will incorporate specific actions into their design to appeal to certain targeted species. However, all Twitching Lures are designed to trigger the instinctual feeding behaviors that have been genetically embedded into predator fish species when they locate a wounded prey.

Because the Twitching Lure operates in an autonomic fashion, it is not necessary for the user to be highly skilled in techniques commonly used in retrieving artificial bait. You simply cast it out into the water, allow 1-2 seconds for it to activate and then begin your retrieve.

While you may vary the speed of the retrieve and even “start and stop” the retrieve, it is not necessary for you to accurately duplicate the baits natural swimming style. This is because the Twitching Lure is designed to replicate wounded bait. Wounded or injured bait do not swim in any specific manner.

The Twitch catches fish OFF retrieve!

As we said earlier, traditional lures are designed to be effective under retrieve. Half of traditional artificial baits effectiveness is based on the lures appearance and the other half is based on the user’s skill level to properly retrieve it.

However, the Twitching Lure can catch fish even when it is not being retrieved! You can cast the Twitch and it will begin its “attraction dance,” on the water by simply getting wet. Think about all of the ways a fishing lure can be used if it is not required to be effective only during the retrieve!

• Pitch it under docks and overhangs.

Instead of pitching a lure under cover and then having to retrieve the lure away from your target, you can simply let the Twitching Lure float and “dance,” in place. It can be irresistible to those hogs that won’t leave cover!

• Cast the Twitch into a current moving away from your location.

If you can’t reach your target with the cast, simply open your bail and let the Twitch float towards it. While it is doing this it is actually working to entice a strike on its own.

• You can allow young or inexperienced fishermen to effectively fish with artificial bait.

Now you can allow children or novice fishermen to work artificial baits without having to be skilled at the retrieve. The Twitching Lure will do that work for them whether it is a good retrieve, bad retrieve or no retrieve!

• The Up-Stream Cast.

Most experienced fishermen never cast artificial baits (except for fly- fishermen) up-stream as they know the retrieve necessary to make the lure look real is hard to replicate while the lure is rushing towards you. However, the Twitching Lure doesn’t have that limitation. Simply reel in the line as the lure floats towards you. The Twitch will look just like wounded bait moving with the current naturally.


The Twitching Lure is a patented, one-of- a-kind artificial bait. It is the first true 21 st Century artificial fishing lure that is more effective than traditional lures because unlike regular old-fashioned fishing lures, it works both during the retrieve….or off the retrieve.

If you’re not fishing the Twitch you’re missing Fish!