Catching Over 76 Unique Species & Counting!

What makes NBJ so attractive to such a wide variety of both fresh and salt water species is it unique ball & chain design. Patterned after fish fossils, the design mimics the earliest movements of ancient species. This “DNA” coding from millions of years ago is still engrained in their modern ancestors. The wavelike fluid action of the stainless steel ball chain combined with the crystal flash teaser tail drives fish wild.

Inshore Sizes

When fishing NBJ over shallow grass flats, it is recommended to use a “Twitching” type retrieve, so that the lure moves just over the top of the grass. Work the lure in the middle to lower third of the water column on the edges of sand patches where the seagrass meets.

Fishing Lure Tip
  • If the Mackerel or Blue fish are biting, use a fast erratic retrieve to land these speedsters.
  • When fishing on the beach, try “Skipping” the lure about a foot off the bottom.
  • This will create small puffs of sand that will attract fish from long distances.
  • When fishing piers or from a boat, NBJ can be fished vertically. Just bounce off the bottom to create puffs of sand and attract attention to the wave like tail movements.
  • When working the lure, try more wrist and less forearm to impart the most action into NBJ. Also recommend using a loop knot to attach NBJ to fluorocarbon leader.

Offshore Sizes

When fishing in deep water try the following
  • If you are anchored over structure the lure can be vertically fished. “Bouncing” the lure off the bottom will attract fish to the wave like action of the teaser.
  • You can also cast NBJ out and “Skip” back in, this style will draw the fish off their structure and allow you to fight them over sand instead of rocks and debris.
  • NBJ can also be trolled for fast moving species like Tuna, Kingfish and other pelagic species. Try using a spread of different weights, no need for a down riggers or planers.
  • Want to improve the hook up ratio? Remember, most strikes come on the drop, So Be READY!