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Technology is Reshaping Fishing

It’s fishing season and the internet is buzzing with fishing tips whether they are saltwater fishing tips or freshwater fishing tips. One of the most popular tips this year is about lures with a Twitch.

Fishing Season Tips for a Fast Start

Now that fishing season is upon us, it’s time to get going and start fishing. Here are 3 quick fishing tips to help you get off to a fast start and improve your fishing

Tips to Catch the Perfect Fish

Fishing is always fun, but when you’re catching fish it’s even more enjoyable. Since Fishing Season is now upon us, here are 4 quick tips to help you start the season right. The first step is to stay way from crowds!

Welcome to the Future of Fishing!

If you have ever been fortunate enough to fish with a Professional Fishing Guide, you probably saw a lot of new techniques that you thought were a good idea to increase your daily catch.

How Do Fish Find Their Prey? The Twitch way!

Have you ever wondered how fish locate their prey in all of that water? Think about it for a minute, when you are looking out at a large expanse of water…do you ever wonder how a fish can find their food? Successful survival of a species in any environment depends...

Cast Spells Like a Witch with the Twitch!

Take the most effective, best-performing artificial bait currently in your tackle box today and you will find it is likely only half as effective as the Twitching Lure…and that’s on its best day! How can we make such a bold statement? That answer is simple really....

The Crazy Bob! (Named after our Founder/ Inventor)

Our Founder is quite honestly a wild man! Decades ago he used to be a professional down-hill skier and at one time he even managed a stable of 16 Samoan Prize Fighters (how’s that for crazy?) He likes to race sports cars, visit exotic places and if he tells you...

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