Fishing Tips
Now that fishing season is upon us, it’s time to get going and start fishing. Here are 3 quick fishing tips to help you get off to a fast start and improve your fishing

1 Change your line to start the season.
If you don’t want to be telling everyone about “the one that got away”, it’s a good
idea to start your fishing season with a fresh line. Ordinary monofilament line can
get weak and weathered from year to year. It may not be noticeable when you
are pulling in a normal fish, but when the big one hits… a tired, old line can be
your worst enemy. While you are enjoying a great fight, it can break or snap and
that whopper you hooked will get away fast.

2 Fish for what’s biting.
This may sound simple but too often someone goes fishing with a lure or bait
made to catch a specific type of fish. You can miss a great time fishing because
those particular fish are not running that day. One way to avoid this problem is to
use a Rechargeable Twitching Lure. These electronic smart vibrating lures buzz,
flash, vibrate and twitch to mimic the movements of a wounded bait fish. They
work on virtually every species of salt or fresh water fish. So no matter what may
be biting that day, a Rechargeable Twitching Lure will attract them.

3 Go With A Pro.
Did you ever meet someone who seems to catch fish whenever no one else
does? If so, go fishing with them. They can give you hints and tips that can be a
game changer in your fishing experience. There are several ways to meet people
with a vast knowledge of fishing experience. You can hire a professional guide,
or simply get involved in a fishing club or meet up group. Make friends with
someone who has more experience, and learn from what they know.

Experts say, a bad day fishing always beats a good day on the job. That may be
true, but with a little preparation and knowledge… and some Rechargeable
Twitching Lures… every day fishing can be a great experience.
Step Up Your Night Fishing With Flashing and Twitching
Fishing Season is in full swing, and if you enjoy fishing at night, life just got
better. The Rechargeable Twitching Lures are extremely effective electronic
smart vibrating lures in the dark. Even though they are virtual fish magnets during
the day, it is almost like these vibrating fish lures are engineered specifically for
night fishing.

If you like fishing at night, here are a few fishing tips

1 Wear a hands free head light.
In the darkness, you are going to want to have
both hands free for tying lines, casting, removing hooks from fish, and many
other things. A headlamp leaves your hands free and gives you the light you
need to see and work efficiently in the dark.

2 Rig Two or More Poles to minimize tying lines in the dark.
Tying lines may seem like the most natural thing during the day, but turn off the lights and
see what happens. When you prepare for a night of fishing, prepare two or
three poles. That way if you get a tangle, or lose a rig, you can simply
switch to the next pole and you don’t have to fumble around re-rigging in
the dark.

3 Use a lure with noise to help fish find it in dark.
Just like humans, it’s hardfor fish to see at night. And just like humans, fish love a midnight snack. If
they can hear the noise of a lure, it helps them target in on the strike. This
is where Rechargeable Twitching Lures are a nighttime game changer.
When you are twitch lure fishing and they hit the water, they twitch, vibrate
and buzz. This noise attracts the fish like a dinner bell and helps them find
your vibrating lure no matter how dark it gets.

4 Use a bright lure or one with a light to help fish see it.
Again, the Vibra-Strike Technology in the Rechargeable Twitching Lures is a game
changer. When this twitching bait lure hits the water it begins to flash. In
addition, to the twitching, vibration, and buzzing, now the fish can see the
TwitchLure. When the big ones hear it, feel it, and see it… they strike it.
Even on a moonless night, that flashing from the twitching lure gives the
big fish a vivid beacon that leads them directly to your line and into your

5 Avoid insect repellent.
It is also fish repellent. Mosquitoes and bugs can be a
nuisance at night, but just remember, if insect repellent gets onto your
lure, it works like a fish repellent. When the bugs are bad, try lighting a big
‘ol smelly cigar. That should keep all living things on the surface at bay
without disturbing the fish below.

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