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At First Fish Online Fishing lures, we have a passion for fishing and discovering how to make this sport more successful and enjoyable. where catching more fish is our mission. Utilizing years of research development and trial, we’re bringing you great products to make each fishing trip that much more enjoyable. Please view our great products by Bill Dance, Nekid Ball, Rechargeable Twitching Lure,  and Manga Strike.

Twitching lures with Vibra-Strike Technology.

The Vibra-Strike Technology designed into the Rechargeable Twitching Lures makes them flash, buzz, twitch, and vibrate when they hit the water.

The Ultimate Fishing Tool

There’s an old saying that if the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail. Translation? Have a well-stocked tool box and be prepared as possible.

  • Bill Dance Magna Strike Croaker

  • Bill Dance Ultimate Fishing Tool

Catching over 76 Unique Species & Counting.

What makes NBJ so attractive to such a wide variety of both fresh and salt water species is it unique ball & chain design.

True Croaks & NatureSoft

Not only do live frogs jump and dart from place to place they CROAK!!! The croaking sound produced by living frogs travels thru the water to where lunkers dwell.

  • Bill Dance Magna Strike Croaker

  • Magna Strike Frog


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