Bill Dance Magna Strike Croaker

Coming Soon!

There is a legend among an elite group of guides who speak in hushed whispers about a live bait that is so good entire careers have been made by supplying these gem baits exclusively to their high-end clients.



Many record fish and Florida monsters have been brought boat side using these hard to find baits. It was on such a trip that Twitching Lure inventor Bobby Mann and Celebrity Fisherman Bill was introduced to these monster fish baits and it wasn’t long before he realized that a perfect recreation of these gem baits was possible.

Months of research and field testing followed, including many attempts to perfect the bite feel of it’s natural body. SOON the time will be here…. the Magna Strike Croaker Series, each rechargeable lure recreates the true feel, sight and sound a croaker emits from the patented “Sound Bite” technologies, chamber design.



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